Transexuality, Abnormal? Think Again

For all those who considered transexuality a case of abnormality and as a case of mental and physical disorder, I’d LOVE to break the news: You’re Wrong! Courtesy to the Australian scientists who recently found that transexuality can be explained biologically as it is caused by a genetic component.

Confirming the above claim, Prince Henry’s Institute researcher Lauren Hare said, “We think these genetic differences might reduce testosterone action and under-masculinise the brain during foetal development. There is a social stigma that transsexualism is simply a lifestyle choice. However, our findings support a biological basis of how gender identity develops.” The research was carried out on DNA samples of 112 male-to-female transsexuals which were compared with the samples from 250 men. The team constituting of American and Australian scientists says that }it is known that longer versions of the androgen receptor gene are associated with less efficient testosterone signalling and this reduction in the action of the male sex hormone may have an effect on gender development in the womb and contributes to the female gender identity of male to female transsexuals.~

Transexuality is a Gender Identity Disorder (GID) where a person feels that he/she is trapped in the body of the wrong sex. The person wants to have the opposite of his biological sex. For years, transsexuals have been treated as a hindrance to the society. Finding the truth about oneself and then getting the acceptance from the near and dears of a person is highly important yet an extremely difficult job. Majority of people dismiss the claims made by transsexuals as a mere mental problem or confusion.

Instead of getting them into therapy for clearing their doubts about their gender, they are treated as retards. Without the support of a person’s friends and family, it’s a zillion times tough to get through this procedure. The traits and feelings of being trapped in the body of different sex starts to show in childhood itself. But hey! What do children know about sex and gender, is the kind of attitude people have towards them. It’s time to take notice about such issues and get the person into the G.I.D. therapy as soon as possible. Life of a person can be destroyed or made by one such decision. Just because of ignoring such problems, most of the people get to know about this after getting married or having kids…which in turn plays havoc on the lives of the ones close to them. So instead of lending deaf ear to it, it should be treated, so that one can lead a normal life from the very beginning.

Although the scientists said that further research would be required to support the claims, it’s indeed a reason for all the transsexuals of the world to cheer up and for the people to change their attitudes towards them.

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