Tips for Tops – 5 Tips for New Tops

1. Wrap it up.

“Ain’t nobody got time for disease” – Save yourself the trouble and second guessing every symptom after you top, and just wrap it up. Having sex the first time, or the first few times is a new experience, so have fun with it instead of worrying.


2. Cut your finger nails

Make sure to file your nails down to smoothness. Your bottom will feel every sharp edge on his rectum. You don’t want to go ripping up his tight hole just yet!

Photo by Alex Coppel/Newspix/Rex / Rex USA (1040663a)

3. Slow and steady now

Insertion should not be as quick as you may have thought it is. Start by slow penetration into the hole. Hopefully your bottom has lubed up and is ready to take your stick, if not do it for him. Remember, an inch can feel like a foot in the anus, so S-L-O-W-L-Y is key here. Extra tip to make you look like a pro: Take your finger and stick it in slowly, his ass will clench but hold it in for 30 seconds and it should release and relax. That’s your cue to move in!


4. Smooth repetitive insertion

Although ramming could be fun and hot, the ultimate goal for any top should be to hit the prostate. The prostate is a small gland located about 3-4 inches in. It doesn’t need more than a tickle to get stimulated, so if the tip of your penis touches the prostate, that’s more than enough to get your bottom aroused and to bring him in to orgasm territory.


5. Communication is very important

Be open to communicating with your bottom. If he wants something that you are open to give, then give it all you’ve got. Listen to what he says, whether you are going in too hard or maybe not enough. Don’t turn down honest opinion and requests for they could only make anal sex better not worse.


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