The 5 Best Coming Out Videos on Youtube

In light of the news about Colton Haynes, Outboyz Magazine has compiled a list of the most inspiring individuals to come out live on Youtube.

1. The Rhodes Bros

The Rhodes Bros rose to fame and were even invited to the Ellen Degeneres Show after posting the coming out video below. It has been viewed over 22 million times and it will take you on the greatest emotional rollercoaster ever. Hold on to your seat!

2. Tom Daley

Olympic Gold Medalist Diver, Tom Daley, takes spot number 2 as one of the best and most shocking coming out videos on the Youtube platform. He had a one to one with his fans and the world. Truly inspiring to see a sports figure risk his career for such a great cause!

3. Connor Franta

Connor Franta had millions of Youtube subscribers before coming out. Although there was some speculation, he waited until it was the right time to tell his fans the big news. He said that he hoped nothing would change once he posted this video and that his fans would accept him for who he is. It seems that it worked out great for him, coming out not only propelled his channel to millions of subscribers, but he expanded his reach outside of Youtube and collaborated on some great projects.

4. Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan, star of Spud and an active singer, songwriter and actor, came out 3 years ago in 2013, and he has a accomplished so much since then. He came out to his fans on Youtube, and it surely helped propel his career as well as his confidence. He has written and performed countless of songs and released 3 albums since then.

5. Ellen Page

Although not on Youtube, Ellen Page’s coming out video was gutsy. It was announced in front of thousands of people at the Time To Thrive human right’s conference. The result? A standing ovation from everyone in the crowd.

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