5 Most Gay Friendly Cities In The World

Summer is definitely around the corner. Even if you live in a hot climate, you can smell and feel that summer’s back. There’s more people out, there’s more fun activities to do, and its vacation time! Here’s the 5 most gay friendly cities in the world.

1. Tel Aviv – Israel

Right in the centre of the earth lies a small city known as Tel Aviv. In a very tense area, Tel Aviv is the hub of gay friendliness. All night partying, year-round white sandy beaches and an atmosphere like no other in the Middle East. It doesn’t stop there. Tel Aviv is the only city in the Middle East to host a gay pride parade every year since… forever! Great food, hot weather, gay beaches, bars and all the gay men you’ll ever need.

Here’s a sneak peek of Tel Aviv Pride 2016.

2. New York City – USA

Coined as the most important city for the gay liberation movement, New York City is a rich cultural centre right here in the United States.  Fashion, theatre and the arts.  The gay night scene is like no other with multiple spots for every taste. There’s trendy gay lounges, cabaret bars, restaurants and clubs. For a great rundown of all the hot places to visit check out TimeOut’s Best Gay Bars in NYC. The new up and coming gay hot-spot is in Hell’s Kitchen where you will find new trendy bars, clubs and hotels catering to gay clientele.

Gay New York City – by lardfr1: Flickr

3. Berlin – Germany

Few know that Berlin was a roaring gay city back in the 1920’s (the Golden Twenties) when compared to the rest of Europe. It’s gay culture can be seen through the city in the strength of its culture, and its amazing nightlife. If you’re considering a vacation to Europe this summer, stop by Berlin, there is surely something to please every taste. From saunas, darkrooms, European style cafés, bars, clubs, and even all night raves – it’s a non-stop party in Berlin. If you’re feeling less gay that day, Wowtravel has complied a list of the top 10 things to do in Berlin. 


4. San Francisco – USA

Surely one can’t forget San Francisco. Dubbed as one of the biggest cultural centres of the United States, San Francisco has lots to do and lots to see. The LGBT community is the largest in the world (over 15% of the population) and with that means there’s something to cater every taste. A must see is the Castro neighbourhood, known as the first gay neighbourhood of the United States. It’s rich in culture, history and overall gayness with multiple hang-out spots, bars, clubs and a vibrant city that just keeps going day in and day out. It’s the Gay Mecca of the world!


5. Toronto – Canada

Some of the best gay bars in Canada reside in this beautiful city. Little known fact, the show Queer as Folk was shot in Toronto, and the club scenes were taken at a club known as Club Babylon. Sadly, Club Babylon closed its doors, however a new club opened under the name Fly 2.0 and is making the experience as authentic as it was on QAF with costumes and hosts from QAF. Besides this amazing experience, Toronto is a rich city with a huge gay population. The Village is located on Church-wellesely and features amazing bars, galleries, museums, and gay-friendly businesses. Don’t forget, Toronto’s gay pride parade is entering its 25th year and it runs on July 3rd, 2016, all day and night!




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